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Detroit Document Management

Do you need help converting your records and documents to a digital format? At Detroit Scanning and Records, we offer affordable, high-quality document management services for homes and businesses around Michigan. Find solutions for all of your conversion and storage needs and project sizes.

Contact Detroit Scanning and Records if you need help with document scanning and digitization, records storage, hard drive destruction, or paper shredding.

About Detroit Scanning and Records

Do you want easy access to your documents? Detroit Scanning and Records can complete your project quickly, correctly and on time every time, giving your employees the ability to manage their time better.

We have a network of local experts that are ready to help- they can handle any size scanning project and provide you with a free, customized quote.

We offer secure scanning services for the healthcare industry and any related businesses located throughout Detroit.

To get free, no obligation quotes on document scanning and medical records scanning or storage today, fill out the form to the top of the page or give us a call at (313) 731-6993.

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Popular Services in Detroit

Detroit Scanning and Records will help you find a quick and easy way to transition to a paperless office and provide quotes on competitive prices. Our experts provide no-obligation quotes on secure scanning and offsite records storage services. We specialize in high-volume or continuous scanning services for any size business. Here are just a few services we provide:


From traditional documents to microfiche/microfilm and large-format scanning, we handle all forms of data conversion.


With secure Bellevue record storage facilities, save precious office space used for storing documents in-house while keeping them safe and secure in climate-controlled environments.

Medical Records Management

Specialized scanning solutions for healthcare and medical records. Scan medical records to cut down paper storage costs, and provide protection from theft or misplacement.

Paperless Office Conversion

Easily access and manage your digital documents while saving money used for document storage using an electronic document management system (EDMS).

Small Business Document Management

document management for small businesses fresno

For small businesses, effective document management is crucial to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Detroit Scanning and Records provides comprehensive document management solutions tailored for small enterprises, offering services such as scanning, indexing, and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). By digitizing and organizing physical documents, businesses can easily retrieve and share information, reducing the time and effort spent on manual document handling. With professional climate-controlled and secure records storage, Detroit Scanning and Records ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive business data, providing small businesses with a seamless and efficient document management system to support their growth and success.

Document Management for Detroit Homes

document management for small businesses fresno

In the realm of home document management, Detroit Scanning and Records extends its expertise to individuals seeking organized and secure solutions for personal documents. With the convenience of at-home document scanning, the service enables households to transition from traditional paper-based systems to digital formats. Whether it’s digitizing important personal records, family photos, or important documents, Detroit Scanning and Records ensures the preservation and accessibility of these valuable assets. The inclusion of OCR technology further enhances the ability to search and retrieve specific information within digital files. As a result, families can enjoy the benefits of a streamlined and secure document management process, contributing to a more organized and efficient home environment.

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